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Learn Cinema 4D Lite: Every Step of the Way (10 min, Beginner)


It's all about color and lighting in this tutorial for Cinema 4D Lite first-timers! Learn about omni vs. infinite lights, working with shadows, and swatching colors for the perfect palette.

Before you get started:

  1. In After Effects, go to File ▶ New ▶ MAXON Cinema 4D File... to open Cinema 4D Lite.
  2. Download the reference image for this tutorial:
  3. In Cinema 4D Lite, go to Window ▶ Picture Viewer and open (⌘O or CtrlO) the reference. Click and drag the handle on the Picture Viewer to dock it to the layout.

That's it! Let's goooooooo!

What's next? When you're finished with this tutorial...

How to export your work from Cinema 4D Lite

If you're new to Cinema 4D Lite, you'll find out right quick you can't export DIRECTLY from Cinema 4D Lite. Don't worry! That's where After Effects comes in. Let me show you the ropes:

Guide: How to export images and video from Cinema 4D

By the way, if you're just getting into 3D and want to supercharge your newfound abilities, this next part may be extremely your ish...

I created an introductory course Cinema 4D for designers, and registration is ABOUT TO OPEN!

You'll pick up easy, useful techniques like this one for lighting, color, texture, shape, animation and more.

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