Intro to Cinema 4D for Designers

Start learning 3D with shape, line, form, typography and color.


3D for Designers is currently closed to new students.

Hiiii! I'm Devon. ✨

I’m the creator of 3D for Designers, THE place to be for designers who want to learn 3D! 

I was an early designer at Dropbox and the founding designer of Codecademy, the world’s most popular learn-to-code platform.

My work has appeared all over the place! The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, TIME, SPIN, Rolling Stone...

After leaving Dropbox in 2014, I started a new career in 3D when I directed and animated a music video for Wilco.

Now I'm helping other designers start the next phase of THEIR career... 😍


Intro to Cinema 4D for Designers

This new, self-paced course gives you instant access to my design techniques for beautiful shape, form, lighting, color, and texture in 3D.

What you'll learn in this course:

  • How to create, morph, and animate basic shapes
  • The four key methods for designing complex and unusual shapes... the RIGHT way
  • How to animate ANY attribute in 3D... including scale, rotation, and position
  • How to instantly extrude type... and adjust the kerning, tracking, and baseline all in 3D
  • How to draw lettering with a vector-like tool right in Cinema 4D... and animate it being drawn!
  • The SPECIFIC settings to use for studio lighting setups... including which lights to use and WHERE to put them!
  • My one-of-a-kind setups for jaw-dropping stylized lighting... that you won't find ANYWHERE else 
  • How to create stunning color and texture for objects, environments, and backgrounds
  • The procedural techniques I use to animate grain, waves, water, and other surfaces
  • And more…

3D for Designers is currently closed to new students.

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