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Why are we even building 3D for Designers?

Our first dev diary! A quick introduction to the vision for 3D for Designers and the impetus for building this dreamy community.

Hey! I'm Devon, founder of 3D for Designers.

I'm a designer and technologist on a lifelong mission to show people how to get creative with technology.

Devon Ko

I've worked with a lot of heavy hitters in the tech world like Adobe, Dropbox, and GitHub. I was also the first designer of Codecademy, the largest coding education platform in the world. My stuff has showed up all over the place: The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, TIME, and a whole bunch more!

Crucially, my work has always been a consequence of a super-duper generous and supportive community of designers. I grew up in an online space where so many new ideas, tactics, and technology were shared—stuff that otherwise wouldn't be published or accessible.

As a creative person, my identity was forged in those seeds of knowledge and curiosity. Many of my projects are built around paying it forward. This is one of 'em!

3D for Designers connects the design community with 3D and emerging technologies paving the future of art, style, and technology. 

In the last few years, 3D has become my greatest passion. Not the "I'm passionate about conversion and ROI" kind of passion. I'm talking deep-down, gut-level, creative passion that flips you from the inside out and has you walking around with butterflies.

And for a lot of reasons:

  • It gave me admission to a massive underground community of awe-inspiring independent 3D creators
  • It opened the door to experiments with visual effects, virtual reality, 360° video, game development and other emerging technologies
  • It fit into my design workflow, supporting tasks like visual problem-solving, concept exploration, and iteration
  • IT'S SO MUCH FUN! I'm excited about my work all the time. My blood is actually just electricity now

I'll share more about the nuts and bolts of what we're working on soon. As my friend Meng would say, technologies are best pursued when they're in their spring. 3D is a total creative playground for artists and designers, yet still uncharted territory for most of us. I can't wait to show you! 

Join over 35,000 designers using 3D for creative work! Updates are 100% beginner-friendly. ☻


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