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Hey, we just launched! Coming soon from 3D for Designers

This is 3D for Designers, a place for artists and designers using 3D for creative work. Bzzt! Bzzt! Dial it in. Get on our frequency. 👽

We come to you with a mission to connect the design community with 3D and emerging technologies that are paving the future of art, style, and technology. 

Check out this interview where Devon goes to talky-town on what you can expect from us, or read the full breakdown here:

Primitive Zine

A free weekly 3D art digest for designers

Primitive is our free weekly zine for artists and designers who use 3D for creative work, featuring:

  • Free lessons and behind-the-scenes project breakdowns
  • Interviews with exceptional artists and designers using 3D
  • Art showcases to spotlight rising independent talent
  • The best of 3D art in style, culture, and technology

Yes!! Imagine how good this is going to look in your inbox!


3D Art Kickstart

Free introductory 3D course for artists & designers

3D Art Kickstart is our introductory 3D course for visual designers ready to bring 3D into their workflow.

Our curriculum focuses on simple, high-impact techniques you can start using right away.

  • Draw shapes in Illustrator and extrude them in 3D
  • Create looping animation in just a few minutes
  • Texture, lighting, atmosphere, and more 

Want a preview of this course before release?

Sign up for the zine! You'll get early access to our lessons through Primitive before the full course is open to the public.

Of course, this is just the start! Ahhh!!

We're working on even more beautiful, useful, totally-worth-your-time-if-you-want-to-design-for-the-future things for you. Stay on this frequency!

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For more about what we're doing here, see who is making 3D for Designers and why.

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